What is a Thai massage? History and elements.

A special technique of massaging, working and pushing, based on the activity of its weight on the muscle mass, is called a Thai massage. Throughout the treatment, asanas are used – positions that are utilized throughout yoga. The actions are controlled by a professional, as well as the person continues to be unwinded. Due to this attribute, another name for the procedure is yoga exercise for the careless.

Thai massage is a whole wellness complex, containing direct exposure to specific factors and power networks. The last term refers to an Eastern viewpoint, in which it is believed that an individual’s health depends on his psychological balance. An uncommon method is contacted to recover this balance. For traditional medication, yoga for the careless has a positive effect on the bone, anxious, muscle mass systems of an individual, blood circulation as well as lymph circulation, thus improving his well-being.

What is a traditional Thai massage?

Classical Thai massage – a method of alternative treatment. He is not prescribed on a mandatory basis in medical institutions. It is not able to cure, but can bring relief in such diseases and symptoms:

  • discomfort in the muscles, cramps, and pain;
  • depression, anxiety;
  • headaches (including migraines);
  • insomnia;
  • increased fatigue.

The deep study of muscles acts like therapeutic exercises, therefore yoga is recommended for the lazy as a preventive or recovery procedure. It should be remembered that massage therapists, although they know the anatomy of the body well, do not have a medical education, therefore they can not make a diagnosis and do not guarantee the disappearance of symptoms. It is recommended that you visit a doctor at the beginning, and then only go to the session if something bothers you. If you want to sign up for a procedure to relieve stress and do not have contraindications – no direction is needed.


Thai massage emerged greater than 2500 years earlier under the influence of Buddhism, which pertained to Siam (the former name of Thailand) from China and India. Together with the abbots, doing yoga masters got here in the nation. The fusion of the ideology of Buddhism with Indian techniques caused the childbirth of a brand new recovery procedure. The “daddy” of the method is DOCTOR Jivaka, the master’s medical professional, who was the very first to use it as a clinical one.

The principles, as well as approaches of modern technology, we’re broadcast by mouth, so a few of them have not reached our days. On top of that, in 1776 the Burmese attacked the funding of Thailand, robbery the treasures, and additionally damaging that handful of documents that contained a description of the one-of-a-kind therapy. The staying texts and also schemes in 1832 were carved in stone. Since then, they accentuate the Wat Pho monastery in Bangkok, where they can be observed presently.


It should be noted today that Thai innovation has absolutely nothing to do with sexual services, the pubic bone is not affected during it – this is a misconception that showed up during the Vietnam War when American soldiers traveled to Thailand to relax. During the treatment, both the customer and the master are dressed – in clothing constructed from light breathing materials – and also barefoot. The technique affects 10 main energy channels (7200 in overall). They are influenced along as well as with the intersection points of the lines. So, not all muscles are straight worked out, but the general result on them is far better than from Western strategies.

The masseur does not use special oils and also hanker yoga for the lazy, however, it can use herbal infusions to enhance the outcome. If in the cabin you are still used to use additional funds – do not be surprised, these are not scammers. Standard Thai massage therapy is executed without them, however, its “softer” versions may include a discrepancy from the rules. Remember that the recovery impact from this will be much less, yet you still obtain general relaxation, convenience in the body after the session.

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An additional distinctive feature of Thai modern technology in the duration of the massage. The treatment draws from 2 to 3 hrs. Throughout this duration, the master manages to unwind and completely work out the customer’s muscle system. If you perform the exercises quicker – there is a danger not to heal, but to harm. If it is not possible to allocate a lot of time for a session, you can ask to focus only on a certain component of the body.

Throughout the Thai massage, the customer and the master have close contact, and also the specialist is the host, yet the client is a full-fledged individual. He is provided instructions by pushing the needed factors with his feet, elbow joints, hands and also knees, elevating and lowering the arm or legs, stretching the spinal column. For the benefit of executing this technique, the customer does not lie on a typical massage therapy table, however on special floor coverings with a soft surface.

In this strange tactile discussion, feedback is essential. If during a timeless massage there may be temporary discomfort to ease tension, then when it comes to Thai, you ought to immediately report pain as well as particularly pain – after all, the limits of muscle mass tension in everyone are different. For the same reason, and likewise, because customers included various issues, the tools do not have a theme guideline, it can be changed, taking into account private preferences.

Basic principles

Yoga exercise for the lazy needs the engagement of the customer: at the same time you can not just lie down, sensation stress as well as rubbing, as in the normal. The patient needs to comply with the master that overviews him. At the same time, abide by the complying with fundamental concepts of the Thai procedure: trust fund the masseur everything for the session advertises leisure: scent, lights, ambiance, but without trust, you can not totally appreciate it; put on loosened garments, leaving your feet barefoot this is a required policy, because, more than likely, you will certainly be reminded of this once more in the hair salon, given time to transform and also prepare; in some areas things are provided, yet if you are not comfortable, you can take your very own; free on your own from all ideas, focus on activity; breathe freely, do not stress throughout squeezing and kneading; mentally get ready for the truth that the session will certainly occupy three hrs, while the master will efficiently move from one workout to another all this time.


Thai massage is a valuable effect on the body at the same time on numerous degrees. After it, an individual feels happiness, a rise of power, vitality. After a program of several sessions, much more substantial adjustments are feasible: decrease of cellulite, stretch marks, general enhancement, fat burning, renewal. Throughout the procedure, the expert touches on such locations as the lymphatic system due to the acceleration of the lymph, swelling is happy (in extreme situations in several sessions);. circulatory system a rush of blood improves skin disease; muscles, tendons, internal organs the performance of the impact is more than that of classical Western devices; bones, spine extending makes them much more flexible as well as mobile, due to which there is a basic relaxation; psyche, nerves Thai massage techniques kickback not only on the physical degree, but so many clients also involve the sessions for inner peace, in order to lower stress and anxiety and remove stress and anxiety.


Although it was pointed out over that the Thai massage therapy method can be changed, and on top of that, some masters carry out a “softer” version with oils, there are just two major kinds. Among them:

  1. General
  2. Royal


Thai massage, which is offered in Western beauty salons (including Russian), is regularly comprehended as just this type of technique. Throughout it, the customer’s close call with the master: the expert acts with the thumbs, hands, the outside of the wrist, forearms and also other parts of the body. Also, it makes use of bamboo sticks, as well as, along with pressure, applies to extend settings.


There are no sprains in this kind of Thai massage therapy. The call is smaller than with the basic type. The masseur carries on his knees around the customer, while observing a range of not less than 30 cm. The main method of the procedure is acupuncture, stress on specific factors. The master just touches the working surface area of the hands, while being massaged he never rests on his tummy. The system of the method: from the knees up the legs, after that, after executing the main part of the session, kneading calves and also feet.

Standard methods

The choice of techniques relies on what problem the customer came for massage therapy, as well as on the specific characteristics of the body as well as personal preferences. The major collection of techniques that the wizard uses includes:

  • Pressing with your thumb. Utilized to prepare the skin and also muscle mass for additional advancement, making them flexible. Stands for the pressure of the thumb pad. Typically made use of in combination with stretching;
  • “Actions” with your fingers. This strategy is carried out precisely as it is called. Thumbs are put near each other on the skin and moved, “strolling” at a range of 2-3 cm each activity. The trajectory must comply with the line of the power network;
  • Hand pressure. It can be performed in 3 various means. The primary advantage of taking is to work on a larger location of the body. At the same time, the pressure is used with one palm with focus, and also with two fingers, they are pressed carefully, putting them as if with a “butterfly”, wrists per other. Another option: hands are laid one on top of the various other, and the top (left or best, it doesn’t matter) manage the pressure of the effect;
  • Joint stress. They are made use of to exercise the thick muscle mass, given that this technique assists to act deeper. It is not made use of on delicate components of the body, for example, butts. In some people with especially sensitive skin, it might leave marks (it is better to review this factor with a massage therapy therapist);.
  • Knee pressure. It is carried out in the butt and also hind muscular tissues of the legs. Gives the effect of not only pressure, yet additionally stretching;
  • Foot pressure. Either the heel or the front of the leg is utilized. Refined, as in the case of the elbows, the thick muscular tissues. Permits to cover locations of huge size;
  • Stress while standing. This method is carried out with extreme care since it has a solid result and also can create damages. It is used to massage the back, butts as well as limbs.
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Unique preparation for Thai massage therapy is not needed, yet some guidelines still need to be followed. Amongst them are:

  • bring a set of exchangeable clothes made from all-natural materials or make sure that they are broken down in the cabin (exemption: a Thai massage with bags that is done on nude skin);.
  • eat at the very least 2 hrs before the treatment, it is not recommended to select fatty, heavy foods, consume alcohol; You can not do Thai massage on a vacant stomach – therefore, in excellent hair salons, hungry clients are also used a light snack;
  • go to the commode before the session – you can’t disrupt during the procedure, as well as due to 3 hours of massage + additional direct exposure to the abdominal region, discomfort might happen (if this nonetheless happened, inform the masseur about this, he’ll at the very least damage stress);.
  • take a shower, however, do not utilize flavored cosmetics – the scent will be present in the workplace, and also a mix of different smells is rarely an excellent idea; to paint or use jewelry for the session is also not advised.

Thai massage technique

The period of the session takes up to 3 hours. The minimal time is 1 hr. Yet it requires time to kick back, so it’s better not to try to save cash and also make every little thing quicker – then massage therapy will harm. The initial techniques are extremely soft, smooth as well as deep: they are made to put the mind into a state of the remainder, to tune the body as well as subconscious to a further procedure, to complimentary thoughts. Incense and music add to this, along with stress on the feet – the expert acts upon the unique points responsible for relaxation.

As a whole, working with feet is an important part of Thai technology. The customer does not simply relax, yet begins to chat with his subconscious, listen to a positive way. Some say that at such minutes new ideas, as well as bright understandings, come. The smoothness of the movements is maintained throughout the session: from the side, the massage resembles a dancing in which the master leads. There is no certain briefing on what strategies for which. After the first presses, you can most likely be stroking, twisting and also folding.

The choice of strategies depends upon the trouble the customer came with. Twisting helps to affect deeply situated skeletal muscular tissues – they are not readily available to timeless massage. These workouts are similar to yoga exercise poses, however, do not worry – the master will certainly pay attention to your preferences as well as whatever will take place smoothly as well as gently, without anxiety. After extending, the muscle mass goes back to its initial state. Functions work, but it is difficult to consider them as a choice to extending – the massage specialist does not breach the limitations of the client’s body.

The master is particularly late in places in which there are clamps: it can be shoulders, back, and sides. These locations warm-up, twist as well as stretch. Unlike Western methods, in Thai, they exercise the whole body: including the ribs, belly, stomach switch. This is because energy points lie throughout the surface area. The master may not stretch any part of the body, however still use pressure, through external influence, influencing the performance of the interior systems of the body – digestion, worried, respiratory, cardio.

The last techniques that the masseur uses are aimed at the face: many thanks to them, puffiness, nervous tic disappear, expression lines are decreased. By now, the client’s body is unwinded, so the movements, as in the beginning, come to be very soft and light, do not leave inflammation after themselves, like some aesthetic treatments. The same cool tricks are likewise utilized for the upper part of the body – due to the flow of blood, there is a result on it even when the master massages his legs.


A lot of contraindications are family member, therefore they require extra appointments with both the masseur and the going to doctor. Just exceptionally major conditions and the postoperative period are stringent, considering that the stitches might separate from the motions of the procedure in the patient. Keep in mind also that only a person with basic clinical education and a suitable certification can perform the method. Do not try to conduct a session on your own or your liked ones based on instructions on the Internet. Relative contraindications to yoga exercise for the lazy:

  • pregnancy – Thai massage for ladies ready can help ease cramping, yet lots of activities will be impossible as a result of the abdomen; it is permitted to perform a session only for the legs;
  • mental illness – depends on the regularity of attacks and also is linked not with physical despair, yet with the actions of the customer;
  • respiratory system problems, acute respiratory diseases – incense and the treatment itself can contribute to a worsening of the problem, because the session if you are weak, it is much better to hold off;
  • hypo- as well as high blood pressure (issues with pressure), heart disease, diabetic issues – assessment with your doctor is needed;
  • varicose.

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