Shin Splints Massage: Features Of Correct Performance.

shin splints massage

Shin splints massage should be performed correctly and correctly since the lymphatic vessels are located in a significant amount here, which can provoke a significant healing and recovery effect. Incorrect exposure can have a number of negative consequences.

How to massage shin splints: Methodology and structure.

Therapeutic massage involves the correct position of the patient. For perfect relaxation, it is recommended to perform shin splints massage lying on your back (stomach), or in a sitting position. The structure of the massage is as follows:

  • The muscles are preheated. The effect is light, with palms with slight pressure, after – light sweeping movements that should be continuous and “warm” the skin. Then follows a spiral or semicircular grinding, initially in the ascending, after – in the descending direction;
  • In the area of ​​the calf muscles it is recommended to use continuous vibration, that is, the effect is carried out with gentle shaking. After which, the effect on the anterior muscle group begins. Initially, rectilinear, spiral movements along the front muscle group are used, then the impact is carried out by the base of the palm, kneading by the fingertips is performed;
  • After shin splints, massage goes to the back muscle group. Here you need to massage the lateral and medial heads. The impact is carried out by the fingertips, after which the longitudinal and spiral stroking with two hands begins. In the process of such exposure, it is recommended to do continuous vibration in the form of shaking;
  • If therapeutic massage is carried out in a prone position, then the massage therapist moves with his thumb along the inner edge, with the other fingers moves along the tibial bone. Particularly carefully should be massaged the calcaneus tendon, as well as the place of its attachment to the calcaneus.

Since most of the calf muscles have fairly long tendons that end on the metatarsal bones and phalanges, the therapeutic massage should also cover the foot. Moreover, shin splints massage is recommended to start from the fingertips, gradually moving up. Massage only the foot or lower leg separately should not be.

If you do not know how to massage the lower leg, it is recommended to watch several video lessons, after which you can determine the main important points of exposure to this area of ​​the limb in order to obtain a relaxing and restoring effect.

 When may shin massage be required?

 Indications for this procedure may be different:

  • A treatment option is used after stretching, fractures and injuries, which allows you to quickly restore atrophied muscles and provide a more intensive rehabilitation process;
  • Competent relaxing shin splints massage can become the basis for eliminating unpleasant fatigue in the legs after a long walk or physical exertion;
  • Such procedures are recommended in the process of treatment and prevention of various diseases of the joints of the lower extremities;
  • There are massage options that allow you to prepare the muscles of the lower extremities for certain physical activities, it is also used to restore muscles after intense physical exertion.


  • Massage is a kind of medical procedure, for this reason, there are a number of contraindications that you need to know about in advance. In the presence of the listed contraindications, using shin splints massage is not recommended:
  • • In case of violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • • In the presence of thrombophlebitis of blood vessels;
  • • With varicose veins (in particular, we are talking about situations where nodes are already formed and a tendency to thrombosis is diagnosed);
  • • In case of serious injuries.

Shin massage: benefits

Therapeutic shin splints massage has many advantages:

  1. Improving the blood supply to the lower limb. Due to this effect, the rapid healing of various injuries is formed. Therefore, therapeutic massage is recommended in the process of rehabilitation after sprains, fractures, etc .;
  2. Normalization of the outflow of blood venous and lymph. Many people suffer greatly from the fact that their work is associated with serious physical exertion on their legs. This subsequently inevitably leads to such a complex disease as varicose veins. Thanks to the preventive effect, it is possible to eliminate the manifestations of varicose veins and prevent the formation of this disease;
  3. Relieving fatigue and a feeling of heaviness. Shin splints massage optimally appeals to those who systematically experience significant strain on their legs, which provokes the occurrence of serious discomfort;
  4. Normalization of motor function in the joints of the lower extremities. This effect is used in the complex treatment of various diseases.

You can perform a competent, relaxing shin splints massage after obtaining the maximum amount of theoretical knowledge and watching several video lessons. As for therapeutic massage, then practice is needed, as well as detailed knowledge of human anatomy. Therefore, the implementation of such a massage should be carried out by an experienced specialist


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