How To Prepare For A Massage?

How Often Should You Get Massage?

Massage is a therapy against stress, aches and all the exposure that your body has to the environment. A massage not only relaxes the body, but it also relaxes the mind and thoughts as well. But there are a few considerations to ensure that the massage is fulfilling its innate purpose. One has to ensure that his body is fully ready to enjoy the ultimate experience fo relaxation. The same rules of preparation apply to the ones who are getting the massage done for the first time or the ones who have enjoyed it for more than a hundred times. How to prepare for massage is a question that everyone must ask their masseur to ensure that the outcomes of the massage are increased. Here are a few things that must be done before going for a massage

Preparations to make before a massage

 Arrive early

In order to make sure that you have a great experience at massage, you must arrive at least 15 minutes early. The aim of this is to ensure that you are not stressed or rushed and all your vital sins are normal. High blood pressure, sweating and rushing breatsh kill the purpose of a soothing massage. Save yourself from the stress of getting late and be early.

What to eat and what not

Make sure that you haven’t had your belly full while you come for massage. Having a massage after a meal is not recommended. It is better to schedule it after a couple of hours of a meal. Drink water before getting the massage. Alongside that, make sure that you haven’t had any alcohol or any such beverage before coming for a massage. Caffeine and heavy meals increase the blood pressure which is not an ideal scenario for a masseur to carry out a massage so both of them are highly not recommended.

Bathe before coming

If you are coming to a massage, it is recommended to take a bath before coming as your body will need to open up the pores to exfoliate and get rid of toxins and relax your muscles.

Don’t shave

If you are coming for a massage, it is recommended to not shave any part of the body which is going to be massaged. If you shave your legs and arms, it is recommended to do it a few days before the massage since the skin might get irritated if the massage is one on the same day as the shaving was done.

Wear comfy clothes

Since massage is all about relaxing your body muscles, the masseur has to touch them. You might need to lose the clothes in order to get the massage done around the neck and legs area. For this purpose it is recommended to wear comfy and loose clothes. The massage could be done in them as well if you and the therapist are comfortable with clothes on while massage is done. You can easily switch clothes while going for a spa and then getting back for the massage of you are wearing comfy clothes. Tight lothes prevent sweating as well which is essential for the homeostasis of the body.

No makeup, no jewelry

While preparing for a massage, it is not recommended to use any makeup on your face or body. A person should ensure that he is not wearing any jewelry like rings or necklaces or earrings while coming for massage. These things not only contain a lot of microbes but may cause problems to do the massage as well.

Discuss medical conditions

If you have undergone any surgery or have any hypersensitivity to any product which might be used in the massage, it is recommended to talk to the masseur about it before starting the massage. This reduces the risks of any harm.

How to get the best out of a massage?

To get the best results out of a massage, ensure that you are calm and stress-free. Talk to your masseur while the massage is going on. Relax your mind and try to enjoy the experience to bring peace and relaxation to your mind and body and make sure you follow the preparations steps as well.

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