Asian Woman Massage: what do most people think of?

Many people think that Asian women massage is related to erotica. This is completely wrong! Asian women’s massage for many centuries was considered one of the most useful types of massage. For example, in China, under rulers, there were not only doctors but also massage therapists who could do various types of Asian massage.

I very often heard that people consider Asian massage parlors to be part of a structure where people are trafficked, but this is a gross mistake! In any Asian spas salons you will find polite and sympathetic people who can massage professionally. Of course, it is impossible to answer for all Asian spas salons, but at least in those that I was in America, I can say that in none of them I was offered sex services. Most of them are oriental massage spa! So let’s take a closer look at what Asian massage is, what types come in and where it came from.

Sometimes you hear a story about Asian massage parlor stories and Asian massage stories you are surprised! Where do you people go? Throughout my life, I have not met any unpleasant stories in the salons. Of course, if you choose cheap places in apartments and dark quarters, then you can get into any story. Therefore, be sure to read the reviews and ask for a license from the staff. When you are looking for Asian massage places, be sure to look at the reviews on the Internet, and only then can you safely visit the spa.

The main task when carrying out massage procedures is to activate the body’s forces for healing. The combination of tactile, sensations, aromatherapy, temperature effects has a beneficial effect on tired spasmodic muscles. As a result, the pain passes, muscle work is facilitated, endurance increases. As a result of massaging, blood flow increases, tissues are saturated with oxygen, the brain, the cardiovascular system improves, and the body’s immune forces increase. Therapeutic massage normalizes blood pressure, improves sleep, digestion, skin tone.

What is an Asian massage and how is Asian massage different from classic?

Timeless massage therapy entails a facility of controls accomplished on specific locations of the body, by mechanical activity on them. The focus gets on the research of muscular tissue teams for one function or an additional. In Asian practices, along with mechanical impacts, the massage therapy complicated makes use of breathing technique, in addition to power exchange in between the individual as well as the massage therapy specialist. The research study of muscular tissue teams is executed, along with focus is paid to the power factors of the body, which are categorized as well as examined by asian medication.

History of Asian Massage

The historic finds of Ancient Egypt had documents on the method of rubbing as far back as 4000 BC. The creator of old Greek medication – Hippocrates from the moment of 460 BC, showed rubbing his devotees, fans, and also in old China, colleges were currently being developed where medical professionals and also gymnasts were educated, providing top priority to this art. The old Romans recovered by massaging contusions, wounding after armed forces fights and also combative fights. In the East, the well-known scientist-healer Avicenna explained in his clinical jobs numerous kinds as well as strategies of adjustment, which we currently call words “massage therapy”. In China and also India, just the elite were permitted to the rites of rubbing – just clergy recognized and also exercised this control. Massage therapy was not acknowledged in Russia: there were times when therapists utilizing this sort of impact on the body were maltreated by the church. As well as just a lot later on, currently in the days of Kievan Rus, massage therapy was revitalized as a bathroom treatment focused on the basic recovery of the body. Passion in the art of rubbing just expands with time, it spreads out not just in the clinical area, yet likewise in daily life, as an independent sort of recovery. There are various strategies of this treatment – it is made use of in asian techniques (yoga exercise), as an enhancement to bathroom treatments, as a way of soothing exhaustion, for leisure. The listing continues. Various nations have actually traditionally created their very own methods and also attributes of this enjoyable control. Different instructions showed up, colleges sending and also maintaining their special customs. Amongst them, of specific passion are: Asian massage, targeted at bring back power equilibrium with the research of vital centers; Creole massage therapy– executed utilizing bamboo sticks, assists to enhance the number; Thai massage therapy is an entire system of stretch marks, stress, turning, the objective of which is to enhance the power tone of the body overall.

Types of Asian Massage

Thai massage therapy. His method makes use of power factors – meridians, which are impacted by pushing. Additionally, throughout the treatment, the person requires to take a breath according to a unique strategy, which permits you to stabilize the job of power facilities situated on the body. The rubbing facility itself includes numerous adjustments focused on extending, along with loosening up specific muscle mass teams. The period of the treatment extracts from 2 to 3 hrs. Throughout this time around, interest is paid to mostly all muscle mass teams in the body. Along with physical controls in between the client as well as the masseur, completely get in touch with is developed, power is traded, 2 individuals appear to combine right into a solitary power whole. This is the approach of this treatment. In the last part of the treatment, unwinding routines are necessary. An individual after such a program really feels relaxed, sharp, ethically well balanced.

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Chinese massage therapy. This distinct method is based upon the old Chinese teaching of acupuncture factors situated on the body, which are forecasts of inner body organs. Activation of specific factors by pushing, cauterization, along with acupuncture triggers the job of the body in some way. Chinese massage therapy can just be carried out by a qualified professional. The result of these controls is promptly evident – frustrations, neck and back pains vanish, stress and anxiety is eased, the performance of body organs as well as life support group enhances, also the problem of excess weight can be resolved to utilize this strategy.

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Japanese Shiatsu massage therapy. Stress is put on specific locations of the body with the hand or fingertips. Actually, this is hands-on treatment, which is based upon the concept of the physical flow of qi power in the body. Fans of the Japanese acupressure institution think that any type of body has sufficient inner pressures to eliminate the condition, and also the art of shiatsu assists to stir up as well as enhance them. According to Japanese ideology, the power facility (Hara factor) is the facility of an individual’s power possibility. Shiatsu mentors are based upon this concept.

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Burmese massage therapy. This is an extremely old kind of massage therapy treatment, it showed up in Southeast Asia, throughout the army fights in between Burma as well as Thailand. Warriors aided each other restore stamina quickly to proceed the fight. The individual is rubbed in a resting setting, activities are done via clothes. In the process of the session, along with the mechanical result, the massage therapy specialist silently sings concepts, which produces a soothing and also enjoyable impact. Rubbing is the location of the head, neck, shoulder band. Rubbing, massaging, pushing are made. The face, ears, holy places, temple, neck, trapezius muscle mass of the back loosen up as well as exercise. As a result of a brief session, a rise of power happens, the sensation of tiredness vanishes, the clamp of the shoulder band is eliminated, analytical blood flow enhances.

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Vietnamese massage therapy. This kind of treatment includes an entire facility, that includes the influence on the organic power factors of the body in mix with an unique method for exercising muscular tissues and also joints. Throughout the session, fragrant oils are utilized, which have a warming, peaceful impact, in addition to light treatment from the touch impact of multi-colored lights. 2 massage therapy specialists can massage therapy the individual at the same time, 4 hands, furthermore, this method consists of strolling the feet of the massage therapy specialist on the unwinded rear of the rubbed. Numerous tools are utilized – canisters with natural herbs, needle rollers, wood hanks.

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Creole massage therapy. The strategy of rubbing with bamboo sticks was founded by the citizens of the islands of the Indian Ocean, and also currently has actually come to be prevalent in European and also Russian SPA beauty parlors. Bamboo sticks are full of sand or grain, which develops the result of resonance when rolling the sticks over the client’s body. Thanks to this resonance, fat is melted, cellulite down payments are damaged. This kind of massage therapy has no contraindications after it is accomplished, the blood circulation to the skin is enhanced, the lymphatic circulation is improved. The treatment has relaxing along with an anti-stress result.

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Maldives massage therapy. The purest white sand of the individual’s body is refined outdoors – this is just how the session of the Maldivian massage therapy starts. The skin becomes soft, smooth. Afterward, the research of naturally energetic factors of the body making use of veggie fragrant oils starts. Open up pores of the skin soak up these oils, leading to leisure. A light relaxing result works with muscle mass, enhancing blood flow. The Maldivian technique of rubbing eliminates toxic waste from skin cells, enhances its basic problem, shade, as well as enhances flexibility. This treatment gets used to the consistency of males with nature, stabilizes the mindset.

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My advice, do not forget to read:

Indications for a massage course




Massage can be carried out with a preventive purpose, as well as for medical reasons:

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: pain symptoms in the back, neck, head;

With violations of posture, radiculitis, flat feet, osteochondrosis, herniated intervertebral discs;

Rehabilitation after injuries, diseases, surgical interventions: for the prevention of contractures, restoration of lost mobility, against pressure sores;

Diseases of veins, arteries, conditions with circulatory disorders and their consequences: with pathologies of the heart muscle, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, with coronary heart disease, arterial hypertension and hypotension;

Respiratory diseases in remission: with bronchial asthma, inflammatory lung diseases, emphysema, bronchitis and pneumonia.


Massage procedures are temporarily unacceptable with:

Fungal and purulent-inflammatory processes of the skin, nails, scalp; High fever, nausea, dizziness, severe pain;

Allergic skin manifestations of various etiologies;

The state of intoxication, neuropsychic agitation;

Thrombosis, as well as thrombophlebitis of various etiologies;

Any types of tumors; Venereal diseases; Active form of tuberculosis.


As we see, there are many different types of Asian massage. All of them are good for our health. Do not be afraid to visit Asian spa salons, there are high professionals who can replenish your strength and relieve fatigue!

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