About Us

We are a team of professional masseurs! For more than 10 years we have been doing massage and began to notice that people do not know and do not understand the benefits of massage. On our site, we want to acquaint people with the details of massage, its history, and benefits. We will also talk about all contraindications to different types of massage. We know how massage has a beneficial effect on our body! It is necessary that we be healthy, beautiful and young!

Each country has its own special type of massage. For example, in Thailand, there is deep tissue massage. It is very useful for any person, but there are contraindications. In Sweden, there is a Swedish massage. For example, it is very similar to Thai in the execution technique, but there are a number of differences. In our blog, we will consider which massage to choose if necessary Swedish massage vs deep tissue massage.

Our goal is to expand our and your knowledge in the field of massage and tell people about its benefits! Join us and it will be interesting and useful to you.